What We Offer

Over time vehicle wear and tear is inevitable and if it isn’t dealt with it can produce major issues for your vehicle.

Our highly skilled technicians can pick up any potential problems before they become a hazard, saving you from costly repairs later on and keeping fuel bills low with your car running at optimal efficiency.

General Services

  • Automotive Electrical Diagnosis & Repairs
  • Brake – Service & Repairs
  • Log Book Servicing
  • Roadworthy Certificates
  • Service & Mechanical Repairs – All Makes & Models
  • Fleet Servicing
  • Transmission – Service & Repairs
  • Tyre Repairs
  • VicRoads Licenced Vehicle Tester number 8560 – Light Vehicles & LPG Vehicles

Fleet Services

Collingwood Automotive Repairs services fleets consisting of passenger vehicles right through to commercial vehicles.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance programs
  • Tyre management
  • Specialist technical advice

We are Associated Repairers for:

  • Fleet Partners
  • Caltex
  • FleetCare
  • LeasePlan
  • Summit
  • and many more

Logbook Servicing

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer gives you a warranty that protects you from the cost of any parts failures. This warranty is only valid however, if you have your vehicle serviced by a certified mechanic according to the specifications and schedule laid out in the vehicle’s logbook. 

Collingwood Automotive Repairs has fully certified mechanics able to provide logbook servicing for all makes and models, without risking your warranty.

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Brake Services

Your brakes are the most important safety feature your vehicle has. While other safety systems, like airbags, can only reduce the severity of an accident, your brakes can act preventatively, and the condition of your brakes is often the deciding factor between an accident and an emergency stop.

Your brakes also suffer an astonishing amount of wear, routinely bringing over a ton of material moving at high speed to a complete stop. For this reason, we agree with brake manufacturers that you should have your brakes checked at least once a year.

Here at Collingwood Automotive Repairs we can repair or replace any faulty brake componenents.

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Roadworthy Certificates

Whenever a vehicle is sold or the registration changes, it needs to have a valid roadworthy certificate. The certificate is issued by a licensed testing station after a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Steering, suspensions and braking systems
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Windscreen, and windows including front wipers and washers
  • Vehicle structure
  • Other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

Collingwood Automotive Repairs is a licensed testing station and can help you with roadworthy inspections.

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Fleet Servicing

Here at Collingwood Automotive Repairs, we understand that any time your fleet is off the road, it’s costing you in more ways than one. Time with your fleet out of operation is lost revenue, so fleet servicing needs to be quick and organised around your operations for minimum disruption.

We provide fleet servicing for a wide range of companies and would love to help you keep your fleet on the road, earning money.

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Auto Electrical Diagnostics And Repairs

As modern vehicles have increased in complexity, more and more functionality is being governed by the onboard auto electrical network. This network handles everything from playing music and measuring fuel consumption to assisting with braking and gear changes, even monitoring the rest of your vehicle and notifying you if a serious flaw is detected (that’s what the check engine light is for!)

Here at Collingwood Automotive Repairs, our expert auto electricians are equipped with state of the art diagnostic scan tools, allowing them to generate and analyse a detailed report from your network, and once they have isolated the problem, they are fully equipped to repair any and all auto electrical faults.

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If you notice cracks, bubbling, swelling or any other deformities in the tyre sidewall, or you can see rubber bars running along your treads, you should have your tyres checked immediately. If your tyres are 5 years old or more, you should have them checked at least once a year, even if they look to be in perfect condition.

Here at Collingwood Automotive Repairs, we can help you find the right tyres for your vehicle, driving habits, and road surface.

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